"We were pleased to welcome Sandy Jones to present her yoga series at Maple Ridge Elementary School and couldn't have been more satisfied with her program.  We were a mixed group of ladies, some young, some not so young....some more fit than others, some of us with minor health concerns.  Sandy's skills allowed her to present her yoga series to us with modifications to meet the needs of each of individual.  She introduced us to yoga blocks and balls as well as a variety of stretches using ties.  Its pretty amazing what these different props and techniques can do for your practice!  Sandy's presentation was gentle, soothing and the temple massage at the end of the session was wonderful!  Namaste."  Tanya D.

"I had never quite understood the fuss about yoga until I was invited to attend one of Sandy’s yoga classes.  I was impressed by her teaching style which addressed my needs as a beginner as well as the needs of those who were more experienced.  She was able to create an environment in which I felt welcomed and accepted.  After three months of regular yoga practice, I can say that it helped me to learn to listen to the needs of my body and soul. Through Sandy’s yoga class, I found a space to relax and “let go” which I am very grateful for. I highly recommend her as a teacher!!" E.O.

"Sandy's yoga classes are truly an enjoyable experience for me.  I'm new to yoga and Sandy welcomes everyone in with warmth, lighthearted humor and a vast knowledge of yoga history. The depth of Sandy's knowledge of the philosophy, culture and spirituality of yoga is very profound.  I'm always looking forward to my next class." Leanne C.

"Never in a million years would I have thought I would practice yoga! Sandy got me hooked.  Her gentle approach and excellent instructions made it easy to learn and love yoga.  Sandy's yoga class helps me and my mind to slow down but the benefit of yoga breathing applies to every day life also. It helps me deal with anxiety and the pressures of life. I am so grateful.  Thanks Sandy"  Sue M.

"I found the Gentle Yoga class last year by coincidence and I am hooked.  If you have not been exercising for a while or if you’re simply tired of competing with younger more flexible woman, this Gentle Yoga class is for you.  Sandy always make us all feel welcome, she always explains every move in detail with their benefits and even tries to blend in different moves for those wishing to feel more or alternative moves for those with difficulties.  This is a must class for 50+ who wants to stay in shape.  I leave every class feeling refreshed, more limber and happy I went." Sylvie D. 

"I have been practicing yoga with Sandy for a year and a half and it has made a wonderful difference in my life. Sandy has a gentle positive nature and an instructional style which is very inclusive and cognizant of all abilities. She puts a great deal of effort into providing a varied program including a meditative style reading at the beginning of each class and soothing music throughout.  Most appreciated is the effort that Sandy takes to get to know her students and therefore tailor the practice to each individual's physical capabilities.  Many times throughout my days I find myself reflecting on something that Sandy has said in class which brings my thoughts Into the moment and calms my breathing.  Her breathing and focusing exercises have been particularly helpful to improve sleep.  I look forward to my weekly yoga practice and it has become the best exercise that I have ever enjoyed." Cheryl M.

"Sandy is always in tune with what is going on with each participant and suggests alternate poses when required in order to accommodate injuries."  Brenda G.

"So when yoga was suggested to me, I really was unsure of going as I have a hard time relaxing and I didn't believe that it would help me in anyway.  The thought of doing stretches also didn't intrigue me.  I really believed you had to be an expert to be taking yoga, but I was wrong in so many ways.


I really had no idea what to expect as I had never taken yoga before, and I was nervous about the person teaching yoga.  Did she have high expectations and what if I wasn't able to do the stretches?  What would the other people in the class be like?  Would they also be experts while I would look like a fool?


Well to my surprise, yoga has been a wonderful experience in many ways unimaginable.


To start off, Sandy who is the yoga instructor is the most sweetest woman you could possibly ask for because of her gentleness and sensitivity.  She is very mindful of everyone who is in her class and is aware of challenges that each of us face whether it be health or psychological.  For me personally, I suffer with anxiety and stress on a daily basis, but when I do yoga weekly with Sandy, her class teaches me to focus on my breathing and the stretches we do are so gentle that my body can't help but relax.

What I appreciate about Sandy and her teaching techniques, is she always has different stretches to accommodate others like myself, who may not be able to do certain exercises due to health limitations.  She is a very approachable woman who cares greatly about all who attend her class and is very passionate about helping others to achieve relaxation and proper breathing techniques.  When you attend any of Sandy's classes, you can always expect to be greeted with her smiles and to leave there feeling energized and renewed.

The environment is without a doubt, welcoming and set up to make yoga be an enjoyable experience.  The music she plays is very soothing and relaxing. The lighting is perfect and she ensures the temperature in the room is working accordingly.  I enjoy the company I have coming and going to yoga each week, but also the other women who attend the class too.  It has made me feel safe and is not in any way intimidating from anyone.

After completing her first 6 classes, I am now back for another round as I have found that her classes are really helping me sleep better on the nights I do yoga with her.  I also find that the yoga classes I have done so far with Sandy, have helped to lessen my anxiety and breathe better too.  I can't imagine doing any other yoga class without a teacher like Sandy.  She truly goes out of her way to ensure yoga is a very enjoyable experience for everyone who attends her class.

I would suggest to anyone who is thinking about trying yoga, to attend Sandy's classes as I guarantee it will be the best decision you have made and the best experience you can imagine.  It will keep you coming back each and every class she offers.  Having a yoga teacher who is caring and passionate about yoga, makes all the difference in how enjoyable yoga can be." S.P.

Responses received from a confidential survey through Carleton University Healthy Workplace - Restorative Yoga Series: 

Q: What aspects of the teaching did you like?

  • Everything, the teacher was excellent
  • Very calm and relaxing. The positions not too strenuous
  • Suggestions for different ways to do a pose
  • Great instruction, calm attitude, suited for everyone
  • The absolute acceptance and encouragement
  • I enjoyed her method of teaching the breathing exercises, which helped with my asthma
  • Because I am a beginner and have back issues, I found it very helpful that the instructor was able to give me alternatives to certain positions
  • I like how calming she was, and how she would help you when you needed it. And she was quick to say you didn’t have to do a pose if it doesn’t feel right
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga winter classes. Sandy is an excellent teacher. On time, understanding, gentle, assertive, and friendly