Accessible Gentle Yoga

Suitable for all, regardless of age, physical ability or experience.  Whether this is your first experience with yoga or you have been practicing many years, this ‘gentle’ class will help release stress and tension in the body while receiving the benefits of calming the mind.  The practice combines breath awareness (pranayam) with gentle movements (asana) to increase flexibility, enhance balance, restore strength and range of motion. Please be reassured if you have never practiced yoga before you will be fully supported as the classes are small, slow-paced and accessible to all.  Safety and comfort are always a priority.  If students are experiencing an illness or injury, asanas are modified for the individual’s needs.

Gentle Yoga focuses on how yoga can be open to all types of students.  This includes students with different fitness levels, those starting a practice later in life or who are new to yoga or returning to fitness; as well for students with injuries, illness or mobility difficulties, such as, fibromyalgia, arthritis, brain injury / concussion, MS, back / spinal challenges, overweight, stress, anxiety, depression, pregnant.  This gentle practice is based on the Hatha tradition incorporating Yin and Restorative practices.  

Chair Yoga

A gentle practice ideal for people living with chronic conditions, pain or limited mobility regardless of age, physical ability or experience.  Asanas are practiced in the chair, standing asanas are optional where possible. It is a slow-paced practice combining breath awareness with gentle movements to increase flexibility and range of motion.  

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is similar to Gentle Yoga but further asanas are explored for those who wish to deepen their practice.  Keep in mind that the practice is modified according to individual needs. 

Hatha Yoga Flow is an energetic practice combining asanas for building strength with flowing sequences linked together with the breath.  This practice is great for runners and sports conditioning.   

Yin Yoga

A powerful practice which targets tendons, ligaments and fascia. Everything slows down in Yin Yoga as asanas are held for long periods (3 to 8 minutes at a time) encouraging slow opening of connective tissue and deep stretching.  It is the perfect antidote to stress and a great counter balance to more active styles of yoga, exercise and sports.  

Restorative Yoga

When you feel exhausted, heavy hearted, weighed down or in chronic pain you may wish to consider a restorative yoga practice.   All asanas are on the floor, the body is supported using props (i.e., bolsters, blankets, pillows)  to enable softening and release.  In this gentle practice, we invoke rest, renewal and healing to re-connect with our natural state of balance. ​​​